Rally Series: John Kasich in Philadelphia

By on Apr 30, 2016 in Rally Series

On Monday, April 25, John Kasich, Governor of Ohio, visited Philadelphia. The Statistica team saw him at the Penrose Diner, where we had the opportunity to watch him talk to supporters and patrons of the diner.

Kasich came into the diner surprisingly on time (the Bernie Sanders rally that Statistica visited had Sanders enter about 3 hours after it started, and the Hillary Clinton entered her rally over an hour after it started)– about ten minutes after the scheduled start time of 10:00.

As he walked from booth to booth, Kasich spoke to voters on topics ranging from social security to national security to sports (specifically Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals, if you were wondering). He also surprised a supporter by calling and thanking them for making phone calls in support for him. After walking around to many of the booths, Kasich spoke to the media while eating breakfast (eggs and fruit). He sounded optimistic about the Pennsylvania primary. We took pictures of his visit and recorded some videos of his chat with the media.

Here is a video of Kasich speaking about his campaign:

And his opinion on Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney’s soda tax proposal:

After the event, the Statistica team went to Rittenhouse Square and asked people there about their thoughts on the election. A large majority of the people there were either not interested in talking or were not planning on voting. Most of those we did speak to were not very impressed with the field of candidates. One person we spoke to supported Bernie but thinks she will vote for Clinton; another supported Kasich; and yet another decided that he wasn’t happy with any of the candidates and would probably end up voting for the Democratic nominee (who he thought would be Clinton) because he “can’t vote for Trump or Cruz” and “they seem like terrible human beings”. However, not everyone feels this way. Statistica also interviewed Trump supporters outside of the Kasich rally who support him because they like how he speaks his mind and how, in their opinion, he can get things done.

A gallery of images is below. You can click on any photo to enlarge it.

All images and videos taken by Jonathan Saewitz and Copyright (©) Statistica 2016. Please email us at j@statisti.ca before using any image or video for any reason. We will probably let you use it for free if you ask.

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