Rally Series: Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia

By on Apr 22, 2016

Welcome to Statistica’s new series, Rally Series, in which we will cover rallies for candidates in the 2016 election. We hope to travel to a rally for every candidate still in the race, or at least as many as we can go to, and will write an article for each rally we attend. While these […]

How Wealth Translates Into Academic Success

By on Apr 13, 2016

It’s a common belief that wealthy students perform better in school than poor students. Wealthy students probably have access to better teachers, better schools, better textbooks, better tutors, better everything. I thought it would be interesting to determine whether or not SAT scores are related to average income, and if they are, to what extent. […]

How Much Does Each State Contribute To Each Presidential Candidate?

By on Apr 9, 2016

All of the candidates in the 2016 Presidential election have been working hard to raise money. They use social media, email, letters, in-person fundraisers, and a number of other mediums to fundraise. I was curious how much each state gave to each candidate. This article contains graphs that show the average contribution per person to […]

Wisconsin Democratic Presidential Primary Prediction

By on Apr 4, 2016

As election season continues, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will be facing off in the Wisconsin primary on April 5th. For the majority of the race, Clinton has held the advantage, currently with 1,243 pledged delegates to Sanders’ 980. However, the past few races have been favorable for Sanders, with wins in Idaho, Utah, Alaska, […]

A Statistical Analysis Of Reddit Gold

By on Mar 27, 2016

Reddit gold is the membership program for the popular social website reddit. It provides a number of features, including a custom avatar, the ability to hide advertisements, more advanced filtering of “subreddits”, which are different sections on reddit, and access to a secret lounge, which may or may not exist. It was first introduced in […]

Does Bernie Sanders Perform Better In Open Primaries?

By on Mar 25, 2016

Open primaries are elections in which the voter does not need to be registered with the party they are voting for. Whether a Republican, Democrat, independent, or anything else, in an open primary a voter can vote in the primary election for whichever party that voter wants. Does Bernie Sanders, a candidate for United States […]

How Accurate Have Polls Been In The 2016 Democratic Primary?

By on Mar 24, 2016

If you read the comments on Facebook posts by news and polling organizations, or speak to any of his supporters in real life, you might think the media and pollsters are “out to get” Bernie Sanders, a candidate for United States President running under the Democratic Party. Many of his supporters claim that the polls […]

What Can Facebook Likes Teach Us About The 2016 Election?

By on Mar 22, 2016

On Facebook, I follow every major candidate in the 2016 election. I’m probably one of the few people in the world who like both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on Facebook. However, I like to stay up to date on what every candidate is doing. One thing I noticed is that, perhaps unsurprisingly, as a […]